Here are the top 10 places we’d love to get snowed in.

Peter Zumthor - Holiday homes in Leis, Vals, Switzerland

Beautifully restrained yet rich and warm interior. The timber lined rooms (knots and all) only enhance the unbelievable views.

Lund Hagem - Winter cabin in Kvitfjell, Norway

The back-lit timber cladding appears like a lantern on the mountain. And that’s a seriously blue sky!

Jensen and Skodvin - River Sauna, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway

A Sauna on the banks of a river, yes please!
A warm seat and a frame for the view, this pared back Architecture lets nature do the talking.

Olson Kundig - Rolling huts, Muzama, USA

Something a bit different. Super simple architecture and it moves, (insert joke about caravans here!)

Reiulf Ramstad - Split View Mountain lodge, Norway

Monolithic pitched timber forms skew to capture the views. We love the contrasting black window frames and sheer simplicity.

Scott and Scott - Whistler Cabin, Whistler, Canada

A modern play on the A-frame. The exposed timber structure creates an awesome backdrop, bet it smells great too!

Verdehaugen - Cabin Vindheim, Lillehammer, Norway

What’s the word for a gathering of angular shapes huddling together in the snow!? The blackened timber cladding contrasts brilliantly to the surroundings. Now, where’s the front door…?

Studio Padron - Cabin, New York State, USA

Rural setting, tick, timber lined, tick, log burning stove, tick, a good book, TICK!

Avanto - Four cornered villa, Finland

The soft, white interior makes it difficult to see where the room stops and the snow starts!

Snøhetta - Tverrfjellhytta, Hjerkinn, Norway

It might not be a house, but hands down this is the best reindeer lookout shelter we've ever seen!

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